Sacred Heart Sisters

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Sisters of the Sacred heart was founded by Blessed Maria Schinina in Ragusa, Sicily Italy in the year 1889. During that time war ravaged the society. Majority of its population in Italy were suffering from poverty, social malfunction, indifference. There was hunger, abundance of widows and orphans, faith was endanger, and a very big gap between rich and poor. Maria Schinina was one of the very few rich. She was a Baroness, famous in her place, multi talented and full of faith in God.
Inspired by her love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Maria Schinina left everything she had, gave everything she had to those in need, and embraced the life of a religious. Hencefort the beginning of the Sacred Heart Sisters of Ragusa.

We are a fontifical Congregation founded on May 1889.
The primary purpose of the Congregation is the glory of God and the sanctification of its members through the practice of the vows and the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the model which we strive to imitate in our life of love and dedication to God's people.
Our spirituality is "Love and Reparation to the Sacred Heart." By striving to live up to this spirituality, we bring joy and peace not only to ourselves but also to those with whom we come in contact.

"Love and Service to the poor". Our charism was inspired by the time and place in which our Mother Foundress lived. She had a vision that the needs of humanity changes with the time and place and culture. Therefore, as Sisters of the Sacred Heart we are encourage to read the signs of the times and be sensitive to the needs of the people where we are in. Poverty does not only come in terms of material things but also of spiritual.

United in the bonds of chastity, poverty and obedience, we live a life of community. Although centered mainly in Italy, we have spread abroad to Canada, United States, Madagascar, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Nigeria and India.
We work in the church and with the church, helping to spread the glory of God and His loving forgiveness. We carry out our service in the church through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, reflected according to the needs of our present day society. We teach in schools and catechism programs, assist the elderly, nurse in the hospitals, work in the parish and with the youth, visit homes and prisoners, bring aid and comfort to the needy. We are also involve in missionary works.

Prayer Life:
In spite of our active life, prayer is the center of our life for through prayer we receive the strength, guidance, and assurance we need in order to carry out our work. Just as the Sacred Heart is the source of our lives, so prayer is the source of our inspiration.
As a community we attend at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, recite the liturgy of the hours, recite the Holy Rosary, periods of meditation daily. We pray at various times during the day individually.

We challenge young women who seriously feel the call of Jesus to follow Him, to be generous and respond with a prompt Yes to His invitation. Jesus needs you today, to continue His work of love and mercy among His people. Will you listen to His call?

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God Bless You All